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My Dream World
Written By : Lobo Di Noccento
Written ON : 1/23/2011
The Day My Poem was written
Sunday Morning at 3am

Daytime sky is of a Soft and Gentle
Vanilla and A Sun of Dark Azure.
Not expectant of what we know...
at least what we know for sure.

The Oceanic Waters are of a Crimson Hue;
with Foam of a Deep Amathyst Imbue.

The Tides Crash upon windswept shores
of a silvering white and a ambering gold
and every piece of silicon and sand
has within it a new dream that someone
shall unfold and behold.

Within this water is aquatic life
that is unlike our own as it reinforces
every joint,muscle fiber,tissue,cartilidge and bone.
The water here is really great for our human blood;
As it revitalizes and enriches it with all that
we get depleated of.

All of The Tree's Bark and Roots are of
a Dark Earthy Brown with a Slight Hue of Gray;
The Leaves are of Mamalade Orange
and Laced with fine lines of Magenta for display.

The Grass is of Hazel,Lavendar and White;
The Breeze smells of Jasmine and
Cinnamon in the Night.

The Night is of Sackcloth Black and
the Moon is a Soft Rosey Pink
and its beams are
a low level Azure Light;
And you should see twilight
as it's a lot upon which to think.

and Insects here are not Dying,Endangered or Extinct;
and there is no need for every country to be at War's
awaiting Brink.

No one here over hunts or over fishes;
There is no Government or
Police to Hyper-extend any
of the Justices or
Legal system's policies or wishes.

Here humans are in balance with
the Natural worlds around them;
Here people know what it is
to be another person's friend.

Here People do not fight for resources,
resources upon which to live,thrive
and survive;Here People actually
get along...side by side.
I had a great dream and turned it into a Poem.

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karlajkitty Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
A lovely dream
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January 23, 2011
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