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When Madness Marries Stupidity
Written by Lobo Di Noccento
Written on October 17th 2012

Psychosis,psychosis come take a fine look.
To find out an answer please seek out a good book.
I don't mean the bible as it used by every religious whore.
My suggestion would be psychological medicine at its very core.
- a parody of the Milwaukee library system song

When two sibling slaves like Madness and Stupidity come together;
And repeatedly engage in incestual relations over the span of ages.

The children of such unions stand very low chances;
For any kind of Inevitable Evolutionary Advances.

The chances of survival are even lower;
However,I am sure to many of you;
that is not a Mind-Blower.

Especially in a world that truly does not want them;
But does need them and will only have them if as beasts of burden.

Yet,such beasts of burden exist in this world;
And soon they will feel the sting of
Corporate America's yolks upon their backs.
Weighing them down with inaccurate figures and facts.

The pain,The pain will almost drive them insane!;
They shall feel this pain in a way that is far too fine;
As it will be from their governmental masters driving
in and down their boot heels upon the delicacy of their newly made slave spines.

As they are reigning them in the perfume and color of their own blood's
redness making them ready for their life of servitude and financial indebtedness.

The Governmental Masters are Holding them back from successful strides;
And doing so,with inadequate and overtly corrupted technology that blinds.

Furthermore those governmental directorates that will be so-calledly
instructing these children will be instructors of the worst kind.

They will be instructors that are
unable as well as burnt out and unstable.

Like  animals these children will eventually
be pitted against one another;
To see who amongst them is the most dominant.
And this will be done to find out which is most fit and capable
to lead the horde in a success that will be prominent.

A horde comprised of those that are obedient to a fault;
Yet in every way they are severely retarded;
These are the broken hearted and the willfully discarded.

These are those whom have been beaten,scalded and scolded;
These are those whose souls have been shredded,tattered and folded.

These are those that the governmental master's whip loves
to bite hunks of flesh out of tyrannically and exponentially.

See them truly see them with your minds eye;
See them as they are on the sharpened edge
of existence and about to die.

This is no illusion or grand lie this is simply the truth;
Without exception, sigh or, rolling eye
a rather interesting and twisted piece

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